To experience the extraordinary, create emotion and foster sharing…

Convinced that the outside has an impact on the inside, Apart’Events helps you find an atypical, unexpected place, a quality caterer and, if you wish, related services in a few clicks.

Save time and control your budget by getting an online estimate right away.

Rest assured. The Apart’Events team will be glad to help you plan your event and coordinate it on the big day.

A selection of unexpected places, souces of inspiration and vectors of emotions.

Apart’Events offers a wide range of outstanding venues in Barcelona and its region.

Choose a half-day, full day or evening format depending on your event.

Catering is geared to your work pace. Depending on your wishes and how your day is organised, our chefs can offer coffee breaks, lunchboxes, cocktail parties and seated lunches or dinners, which we have tested and enjoyed.

Our chefs are passionate about cuisine with French, Mediterranean, Asian and other accents. They use only fresh, seasonal products that will seduce your taste buds from soup to nuts!

lt’s important to pace your event, put a message accross and leave a memorable impression on the participants. Offering an activity is a good way to combine work and relaxation.

Apart’Events has forged outstanding partnerships to offer unique, creative team-bulding activities that help your teams grow while sharing emotional moments. Activities are not just an imaginative way for your co-workers to relieve stress and relax; they also increase drive, bonding, team spirit and support for the company’s values.