Mathilde Hebert


Mathilde has over 10 years’ experience in planning events at Parisian agencies before working for Bristol-Myers Squibb and Lilly France, two pharmaceutical companies.

After noticing a desire for change, she developed a website where professional event planners could offer offbeat, unusual places to host corporate meetings.

Apart’Events moved to Barcelona and opened up the doors of Catalonia’s most beautiful addresses to break with the mundane and the commonplace.

Mélanie Weill


In 2006, Mélanie, a law school graduate, rapidly moved to entrepreneurship and created an e-commerce website, which she ran for eight years before selling it and discovering the world of high-end real estate in Paris.

Mélanie, who also lives in Barcelona, joined Mathilde’s project. Her digital experience and complementary passion for architecture and real estate allowed both women to develop Apart’Events.

David Schneuwly


David put his passion for travel and extraordinary places to work by creating Villanovo, an agency that offers beautiful homes for rent around the world and bespoke services for demanding travellers.

He joined Apart’Events in the hope of raising the bar of private places offered to rent for professional events with the same standards of quality and selectiveness.