Why should you entrust us with your property?

Making your space available lets you earn money without any special effort.

Your space is visible on a high-end website listing properties as prestigious as yours.

Quality, professional guests occupy your property the duration of a predefined  event.

You’re in charge: you choose the type, time and format (half-day, day, night) of the event you agree to host.

Peace of mind…

We insure you for damage, if any.

We’re your only contact.

Our team handles the logistics and will be present from the beginning to the end of the event.

If food is served, only a professional will be allowed to cook in your space.

Together we take an entrance and exit inventory of your property.

You’ll find your property as clean as you left it.


How do I proceed?

Contact us to submit your space.

Together we make an appointment for a photo shoot.

Together we decide what type of event we can organise, when and which format.

Together we set a price for a day, half-day and evening.

Offering my property




Phone number*

Description of the property

For more information, contact the team at: +34 638 26 40 98 / +34 639 44 82 11