Our concept

Tired of holding your events in the same old soulless venues?

Apart’Events lets you change your habits by privately hiring unknown and unexpected venues: prestigious apartments, quirky lofts, terraces with stunning views, art galleries and many other surprising places.

We’re here to help you find inspiration in a limitless place…


Where did our idea come from ?

After 10 years’ experience in real estate and event planning, co-founders Mathilde and Mélanie realised that companies were looking for offbeat, atypical, “secret”, exclusive and confidential places for their professional events.

Meanwhile, more and more people were opening up the doors of their hidden treasures.

The meeting between these two worlds — private owners and professionals — allows your co-workers to express themselves in warm, personalised, friendly places.

A trend whose time has come

Surveys show that the workplace has an impact on the wellness of 92% of employees.

It is a proven fact that a change of scene spurs creativity, prompts interaction, enlivens meetings, prevents falling into a counter-productive rut and fosters bonding.

Hold your event in a different place to think differently…